About Me

I'm a full-stack web developer with a background in visual art and music. I emphasize responsive design, and sleek aesthetics. I strive to make sure that my skills are well rounded for projects I work on and that they are suited for the job at hand. I enjoy working in Javascript and integrating libraries like Babylon JS or anime-master and using modern frameworks such as React or Angular for larger apps. I am also proficient with Wordpress and node including integrating MySQL or MongoDB for more storage depending on what type of data is being used.


Solar System Application

An ongoing project using Babylon.js to render our solar sytem in 3D.



vCOVID-19 case count and death count visualizer


Alliance One Oilfield Website

A website built in wordpress for an oilfield equipment company.


Data Gallery

A small personal virtual art gallery created in Unity and built with webGL.



Allows a user to search and add topics and then pulls GIF's from the GIPHY API using AJAX.


NBA Dashboard

An app that displays all the NBA teams with recent scores, players, and the local weather for the upcoming week.


Contact me

Get in touch by sending me an email or through LinkedIn. you can view my other work by clicking on the github logo below.